Americans vote to elect new President; Close contest on cards

The voting for the 59th four-yearly US Presidential Election is underway in the United States of America.

The election for the next American President is witnessing a great voter turnout.

Nearly 100 million votes have already been cast through mail ballots and in-person early and advanced voting.

The prime contenders to the post are the incumbent President from the Republican Party Donald Trump and the Democrat candidate Joe Biden.

With nearly 240 million eligible voters, world’s oldest democracy witnesses one of the most crucial elections in the world politics.

Due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, several states in the US relaxed the provisions for early and advanced voting this time.

This is why nearly 73 per cent of the total ballots cast in 2016 presidential elections have been recorded even before the election day this year.

Republican candidate and incumbent President Donald Trump looks confident of his supporters and is asking people to vote in the name of economic reforms, employment generation and practical approach in handling of the covid pandemic.

The Democrat candidate Joe Biden, on the other hand, has repeatedly attacked the handling of the pandemic situation.

He also has promised to widen the ambit of the Affordable Care Act or the popularly known ‘Obamacare’.

The political pundits have termed the election as a very close fight and only the next few hours will tell the world whether Trump or Biden will swear an oath on 20th January next year as the US President.

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