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Dilip Bora. CEO

As the founder member and co-owner of India Online News, Bora brings to the table decades of experience in Journalism and writing besides his present contribution to the media. Having traveled the country’s breadth and length, his contacts in various places are now a boon to the website. His keen interest in news presentation makes his inputs to the editorial team an added benefit. Visit and read our Featured Pages and talk to him at 93655 41264.



Editor In Chief.  Dhruv Baruah.

Dhruv is an highly accomplished individual in the field of journalism, having worked for more than 2 decades in the print media. He looks after the day to day functioning of our e newspaper, keeping it up to date at par with national and international levels of Journalism.

He loves to spend time at mountain areas above 8 thousand feet and also owns a resort at Hartola in Nainital district in Uttarkhand state, North India.

He says he does prefer to write surrounded by mountains and clear, unpolluted airs, clear blue skies at times dotted by clouds.

Our core team.

Michael Baruah, Correspondent.

Mike is a resident of USA and writes for India Online News under a Pseudonym. Born in India he nevertheless lives in America and visits India regularly.

His news contributions are warmly welcomed here in IOL.