Total number of vaccinations in country crosses 13.22 crore mark

The total vaccinations in the country crossed 13 crore 22 lakh mark including over 92 lakh Healthcare Workers (HCWs) who have taken the first dose of COVID vaccine and 58 lakh took the second dose.

Besides, over one crore 16 lakh Frontline Workers received the first dose and more than 59 lakh took the second dose.

Union Health Ministry said that more than 21 lakh 21 thousand vaccine doses were given till 8 PM yesterday on the 96th day of nationwide COVID19 vaccination.

Out of which, nearly 14 lakh 35 thousand beneficiaries were vaccinated for first dose and 6 lakh 85 thousand beneficiaries received the second dose of the vaccine.

Health Ministry said, in view of sudden spike in the demand for oxygen in some states due to an exponential rise in the number of COVID patients, the Centre has increased the quota of Oxygen in the States.

These States are Maharashtra, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Uttrakhand.

In Maharashtra, the quota has been increasded from 1646 Metric Tonnes (MT) to 1661 MT.

In Delhi it has been raised from 378 MT to 480 MT, in Madhya Pradesh from 445 MT to 543 MT, in Haryana 156 MT to 162, in Uttar Pradesh 751 to 753 MT, in Punjab from 126 to 136 MT, in Andhra Pradesh from 360 to 440 MT and in Uttarakhand the oxygen quota was increased from 83 Metric Tonnes to 103 Metric Tonnes.

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