Sharp rise in COVID-19 cases in South Korea

Garnering worldwide praise until recently for being a role model country in its tackling of the corona pandemic, South Korea is now staring at a resurgence of sorts.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the county continues to surpass 300 per day, setting off alarmbells across the government machinery. An additional 397 new virus cases were reported on Sunday, the highest number since March 7. Korean President Moon Jae In has called the situation “the greatest crisis since Korea’s first COVID-19 outbreak”.

“If the situation worsens, measures taken to strengthen social distancing will wreak unspeakable havoc on our economy. Employment will also crater, bringing immense hardship to people’s lives. We must not allow one lax moment to undo all of our efforts. The Government will sternly deal with the flouting of epidemic prevention guidelines or noncompliance.” Moon Jae In, President of South Korea said on the resurgence of Covid-19 cases in the country.

Authorities in the country have reimposed social distancing protocols, including restrictions on parties, karaoke bars, buffets, nightclubs, cyber cafes and other big gatherings. The Level 2 social distancing norms have been invoked outside the wider Seoul area starting Sunday. Indoor meetings of more than 50 people and open-air gatherings of over 100 people are banned in principle.

The government has asked people to wear masks both indoors and outdoors in the capital city. After the sudden spike in Covid cases nearly 2,000 schools had suspended classes in the city and surrounding areas. A whooping 2,893 new cases across the country have been recorded in just last 11 days.

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