Rohingya relocation to Bhashan Char island likely to start after monsoon

The Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh Masud Bin Momen on Monday said that the government is planning to start the process of relocating Rohingya refugees from the crowded camps of Cox’s Bazar to the newly built facility at Bhashan Char island after the monsoon session.

Announcing this in Dhaka during a webinar, Momen said that the government is planning to take relatives of the 306 Rohingya refugees already settled there and other representative to show the facilities available on the Bhashan Char for the people to be settled there.

He said, if they find the place better than the cramped Cox’s Bazar, the initial transfer of Rohingyas may commence after the Monsoon season.

Refuting the concerns of some Human rights groups, environmentalists and NGOs about the fragility of the Bhashan Char, Foreign Secretary Masud Bin Momen said that the recent Amphan cyclone has proved the durability of the Bhashan char island and the strength of the structures built there.

Foreign Secretary Momen also completely ruled out the possibility of local integration of Rohingyas in Bangladesh.