French President’s ceasefire call gets a defiant response from Benjamin Netanyahu

Calling for a ceasefire, French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday said Israel cannot bomb Gaza’s civilians in a bid to punish Hamas, even as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the French president’s comments by saying that the responsibility of protecting the civilians of Gaza lies with ‘Hamas-ISIS’, equating the Palestinian terrorist group to the terrorist group that declared a caliphate and imposed an austere version of Islam in parts of Syria and Iraq.

Macron had earlier said that Israel’s actions will create resentment and urged the country to declare a ceasefire.

The war in Gaza entered its fifth week on Saturday as Israel continued its furious response and continued with its airstrike and ground invasion, vowing to destroy the terrorist group for the deadly October 7 attacks.

Israel on Friday revised down the death toll from the attacks and said around 1,200 people died when Hamas gunmen attacked southern Israeli towns and a music festival.

Israel in retaliation has bombed Gaza for the past five weeks killing over 10,000 people including women and children and injuring several thousands, while internally displacing millions living in that coastal strip.