126 Newly Elected Legislators Take Oath In Inaugural Session Of New Parliament In Mongolia. The State Great Khural.

In Mongolia, a total of 126 newly elected legislators took the oath of office in the inaugural session of the new parliament at the State House today. The oath was administered by Duger Regdel, the oldest member of the country’s parliament.

The ninth parliamentary election was held last month. In the 126-seat parliament, the ruling Mongolian People’s Party won 68 seats, while the opposition Democratic Party got 42 seats.


Ulaanbaatar, July 2, 2024 /MONTSAME/. The first session of the State Great Khural of Mongolia was held today with 126 newly elected members’ swearing oaths.

President of Mongolia Khurelsukh Ukhnaa opened the first Session of the State Great Khural, saying, “As the representation of the people of Mongolia, Members of the State Great Khural must be of exceptionally ethical. I would like to remind you this day that if you squander the faith of the people entrusted towards you, and break your oath, then you should immediately resign with your own request.”

After the President’s speech, Chairman of the General Election Commission of Mongolia Delgernaran Purvee noted, “The General Election Commission of Mongolia successfully organized the Ninth Regular Election of the State Great Khural of Mongolia in accordance with relevant laws and regulations on June 28, 2024. Mongolians living abroad voted at 47 Diplomatic Missions of Mongolia in 33 countries on June 21-23, 2024. I would like to express my gratitude to the voters who exercised their rights and fulfilled their civil duties stated in the Constitution of Mongolia and elected their representation for the highest legislative body. 

The 2024 regular election of the State Great Khural elected 126 Members by a mixed electoral system. This election saw the highest number of candidates, with 1341 candidates from 19 political parties and 2 coalitions, which caused new challenges for the General Election Commission to organize. “

“Complaints on violations of the laws and regulations on elections will be investigated according to the Law on Misdemeanor by 9 organizations from the police, intelligence, and legal sectors. Since January 1, 2024, 756 complaints from the Capital City and 554 complaints from provincial municipalities were registered. Relevant bodies have started investigations concerning these complaints. The General Intelligence Agency of Mongolia, the Ministry of Digital Development and Communication of Mongolia, and the Information Technology Center under the General Election Commission of Mongolia jointly tested each of the automated voting machines and issued certification of guarantee. The equipment and technology used in the election were thoroughly tested in two stages, and openly conducted under the supervision of observers of the election candidates. At the 2024 regular election of the State Great Khural, 36 journalists and reports from 15 prominent international organizations reported on the election process. Also, diplomatic representatives and officials from the central election commissions of 29 countries observed the election process.” 

After the speech, the National Anthem of Mongolia was played, and the newly elected Members of the State Great Khural swore oaths.