PM advises state govts to use lockdown as last resort to contain spread of COVID-19

(File photo) The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asserted that the country has to overcome second wave of COVID-19 through resolve, courage and preparation and urged States to consider lockdowns only as the last resort. Addressing the nation on the COVID-19 situation, Mr Modi said, the focus should be micro-containment zones. He said, we will take care of economic health as well as the health of the countrymen.

The Prime Minister said the demand for oxygen has increased in many parts of the country and Centre and state governments along with the private sector are trying to make oxygen available to all those who are in need. Mr Modi said the government is using multiple avenues to ensure the transport of oxygen. He said, there will be new oxygen plants in the states and one lakh new cylinders will also be delivered soon. The Prime Minister asked the State governments to urge the workers to stay where they are. He said, this trust given by the states to the migrant workers will help them. Mr Modi added that States must tell migrant workers they will be vaccinated in next few days and their job will remain with them.

Prime Minister lauded doctors, paramedical staff, sanitation workers, police and health care workers for their commitments. He said, in some cities, large dedicated COVID19 hospitals are being built. He added that the country with two made in India vaccines started the world’s largest vaccination program. Mr Modi said all above the age of 18 years will be vaccinated from 1st of next month. He said, Pharma sector working relentlessly to meet all COVID-19 challenges, including on vaccine development, usage of right medicines. Prime Minister said, our scientists have developed vaccines for the countrymen in a very short time and we have a vaccines suited to India’s cold chain system. Mr Modi said, India is the proud manufacturer of the most affordable covid vaccine in the world. The Prime Minister also shared the pain being faced by the people and expressed his sympathies to the families who have lost their loved ones due to COVID. Invoking Ramzan and Ram Navami, Mr Modi said, all must follow right discipline to safeguard everyone against COVID-19.

Prime Minister called upon youth to form committees, help in COVID administration in their areas to ensure there is no need for containments and lockdowns. He said, there is need to spread awareness and guard against rumours. Mr Modi expressed confidence that India will defeat COVID-19 pandemic and all need to work for benefit of everyone in need of help, including migrant workers. Prime Minister said, the steps that the government has taken in the past few days will certainly help in the current COVID19 situation.

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