Maharashtra Govt To Recruit 50 Thousand Young Individuals To Promote Various Welfare Programs.

July 10, 2024 9:41 AM.

Maharashtra government has decided to recruit 50 thousand young individuals to promote various welfare programs of both the state and Union governments. Higher and Technical Education Minister Chandrakant Patil told the state legislative council that they will be designated as Yojana doots to disseminate knowledge about government schemes.

Mr. Patil said these Yojana doots will also assist citizens in availing the benefit of government schemes. He said that the state government has allocated 53.66 crore rupees for ten polytechnics to establish ‘Centres for Excellence,’ aimed at promoting skill development and self-employment. Mr. Patil said, 10 lakh youths will receive six months of skill-based training with a stipend. 

While replying to a question raised by LoP Ambadas Danve in the Legislative Council, BJP Minister Chandrakant Patil said that the govt has decided to appoint 50,000 youths for the publicity and awareness about central and state schemes. “The govt has sanctioned Rs 53.66 crores across 10 polytechnics to develop them as ‘Centres for Excellence’. This will promote skill development in youth and self employment, entrepreneurship and 50,000 youth will be appointed as Yojana Doot” Patil said.

“I’m told the govt will appoint 50,000 youths for the publicity of govt schemes. The state govt already has a full-fledged publicity department. So what is the needs of Yojana Doots? This is nothing but an election campaign. What will be the recruitment process? Who will appoint them? I’m told 45,000 youth will be appointed in villages in ratio of one youth per village and in urban areas across the state total 50,000 youths will be appointed,” Danve said.