120 hours on since Uttarkashi tunnel collapse: drilling underway, four pipes laid so far

The rescue operations at the Uttarakhand tunnel to save the 40 trapped workers have entered the sixth day today. Since the November 12 collapse, the rescue workers have been facing a stiff challenge to make way to the workers trapped inside as rubble keeps falling and undoing the advances made.

The workers’ prolonged confinement within the tunnel is raising serious concerns about their health and well-being.

On November 12, a portion of the under-construction Silkyara Tunnel collapsed, trapping 40 construction workers within the debris. Elite rescue teams from Thailand and Norway, including the one that successfully rescued the trapped children from a cave in Thailand in 2018, have joined forces to aid in the ongoing rescue operation. 

Meanwhile, the workers who ended up seeing the darkness instead of Diwali’s light are starting at uncertainty and are bound to face physical and mental challenges due to the accident.

Medical professionals have stressed the importance of thorough rehabilitation for the workers who were trapped, expressing concerns that the extended period of confinement might require extensive mental and physical recovery procedures.

The collapse of a section of the Silkyara Tunnel on November 12 led to the entrapment of 40 construction workers amid the rubble. Specialized rescue teams from Thailand and Norway, including the team renowned for their successful rescue of children trapped in a Thailand cave back in 2018, have united efforts to support the ongoing rescue mission.