Respect Vienna Convention, India tells Canada amid Khalistani elements disrupting Indian Consular camp

Amid an ongoing diplomatic row with Canada, India on Thursday called upon Canada to uphold the principles outlined in the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations. The appeal from India follows reports of Khalistani elements disrupting a consular camp organized by the Indian High Commission in Canada.

Addressing the media, MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi clarified that despite attempts by radical elements to disrupt a consular camp near Vancouver on November 12, the event, aimed at providing life certificates to pensioners, concluded successfully. Bagchi emphasized that the Consul General was not present at the site during the incident.

“Our High Commission and consulates in Canada regularly organize consular camps. One such camp was organized near Vancouver on November 12 to provide life certificates to pensioners. The event was held successfully despite attempts by a few radical elements to cause trouble. Our Consul General was not present at that site,” the MEA spokesperson said. “We reiterate the need for nations to respect the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations so that our diplomats can discharge their diplomatic obligations,” he added.