Google to invest Rs. 75,000 crore in India over next 5 to 7 years

Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Monday announced an investment of Rs.75,000 crore in India over the next 5 to 7 years through Google for India Digitisation Fund.

Addressing Google for India event, Pichai asserted that the latest move is a reflection of the company’s confidence in the future of India and its digital economy. He said the investments will focus on four key areas of India’s digitisation.

They are enabling affordable access and information to every Indian in their own language, building new products and services relevant to India’s unique needs, empowering businesses as they continue to embark in digital transformation, and leveraging technology and Artificial Intelligence for social good in areas like healthcare, education and agriculture.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also interacted with Google CEO Sundar Pichai via video conferencing on Monday.

Pichai briefed the Prime Minister about the efforts undertaken by Google to help spread awareness and provide reliable information about COVID-19.

He said that the strong step of Lockdown initiated by the Prime Minister set up a very strong foundation of India’s battle against the pandemic. Prime Minister appreciated the proactive role played by Google in battling misinformation and conveying information about necessary precautions. He also talked about further leveraging technology in providing healthcare services.