President Kovind praises Coronavirus warriors in Independence Day eve address

President Ram Nath Kovind while addressing the nation, on the eve of the 74th Independence Day on Friday hailed the efforts of the Centre, State and Union Territories in effective management of the COVID-19.

He said that for a country so vast and diverse with high population density, effective management and containment of the corona virus required super-human efforts.

He remembered the freedom fighters and martyrs in his speech, whose sacrifices, he said, have enabled countrymen to live in an independent nation. He said, India’s visionary leaders brought together a diversity of world views to forge a common national spirit. Remembering Mahatma Gandhi, President said that his teachings will remain relevant forever and will guide the world in years to come.

President Kovind said that the Independence Day celebrations this year will be restrained due to the global pandemic. President Kovind praised the efforts of Corona Warriors including doctors, health workers, members of Disaster Management Teams, police personnel, sanitation workers, delivery staff, transportation, railway and aviation personnel, providers of various services, government employees, social service organisations and generous citizens who went much beyond their call of duty to save lives and ensure essential services.

Referring to the Natural disasters due to Cyclone and Flood in the North-Eastern and Eastern States, President said, that through collaborative efforts all sections of the society have been working to help those in distress. President. Kovind asserted that in the fight against the pandemic, ensuring life and livelihood to every citizen holds key importance. He lauded the timely welfare measures introduced by the government along with the virus containment-efforts which enabled crores of people to earn their livelihood and mitigate their distress.