LordsMed Announces the Launch of its First Pathology Centre in Maharashtra

LordsMed, one of the leading healthcare division of Lords Mark Industries Pvt. Ltd., has recently launched its first Pathology centre in Kalyan, followed by another centre in Dombivli, and plans to open a total of 10 labs in and around Mumbai by December 2023. The company is currently targeting to establish its presence across Maharashtra and will soon foray in other states such as Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.

LordsMed Pathology Lab is committed to maintaining a gold standard of accuracy in testing. With an in-house Research and Development (R&D) team dedicated to researching reagents and chemicals used in range of diagnostics that offers Thyroid Profile, Lipid Profile, Liver Profile, Kidney Profile, S. Electrolytes, Diabetes Profile, Magnesium, Ferritin, Cystatin C, Alfa-1-Microglobulin, Arthritis, СВС, Vitamin, C Reactive Protein (hsCRP), Cardiac Risk Marker, Homocysteine, Pancreas Profile, ANC Profile, Triple H, Triple Marker, Infertility Profile, PCOD Profile among others.

Manav Teli, Managing Director, LordsMed

Commenting on the launch of the Pathology Lab, Manav Teli, Managing Director, LordsMedsaid, “As an organization, we are steadfast in our mission to make healthcare accessible, reliable, and patient-centric. We are committed to reaching underserved interior markets where diagnostic services are often lacking or of questionable quality. With a dedicated team of trained and qualified professionals, we take pride in our manufacturing of rapid kits which passes many global standard before they are released resulting in accuracy of test.”

LordsMed Pathology Lab prioritizes quality and efficiency, with significant capital investments directed towards state-of-the-art equipment and skilled staffing to ensure the seamless operation of their centres. They utilize cutting-edge auto and semi-auto machines for tests, assuring both efficiency and precision. Recognizing the importance of swift results, patient reports have a turnaround time ranging from 6 to 48 hours, depending on the test type, facilitating faster medical decisions. To address complex cases, LordsMed is in the process of establishing centralized labs, focusing on advanced tests, including molecular and culture tests, handled by experts in the field.

LordsMed ensures that they have all the necessary equipment for comprehensive testing in every Pathology Lab, with a team of trained and qualified staff to collect and process samples. Reports undergo rigorous quality checks by qualified managers, and the final stamp of approval comes from a Medical Doctor in pathology (MD – Pathologist). This meticulous approach guarantees the accuracy and reliability of every report, with a focus on quick turnaround times.

As LordsMed continue to make strides towards their goal of numerous labs in the coming years, the company aims to revolutionize healthcare services across India.

About LordsMed

LordsMed, the global healthcare division of Lords Mark Industries Pvt., aims to become an integrated healthcare provider offering quality products in verticals encompassing therapeutic care (chronic & acute), hygiene care, animal care, Pharma distribution, diagnostics and safety essentials. LordsMed is a manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic kits for COVID-19 (antigen and antibody), malaria and dengue. It is an authorized distributor partner of medical devices. The division has more than 60 registered brands across chronic & acute care.

Website lordsmed.com.