US Senator says China used COVID-19 to lash out in every direction

A top American Senator has alleged that China has used the COVID-19 pandemic to lash out in every direction even as Beijing continued its premeditated military incursion along the border with India,

Senator Jim Inhofe, who is also the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee alleged that China in particular has used the pandemic to lash out in every direction. They’ve antagonized and harassed Taiwanese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, and Indonesian vessels in the South China Sea; and used every tool in their shed to coerce Australia into silence about COVID-19..

”And now 20 Indian soldiers are dead, some killed by what are essentially baseball bats with spikes as China continues its premeditated military incursion along the border with India,” Inhofe said on the Senate floor in support of the National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 2021.

”The National Defense Authorization Act for 2021 is all about sending a message to China and Russia”, he said. It says, there is no way you can defeat us, so don’t even try.

”We know that the way we preserve peace is by demonstrating our strength. We have the best military in the world and our enemies need to know that. But we can’t rest on our laurels. We must implement the National Defense Strategy because our comparative military advantage is at risk right now. China and Russia are catching up to us and quickly,” Inhofe said.

China and Russia have invested in their military, he said, adding that the two have willfully mislead on many things including the actual size of their defense budgets.