UN Security Council has become an impaired organ: India

India at the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) said that today the Security Council has become an “impaired organ” as it is “unable to act with credibility essentially due to its unrepresentative nature”.
Speaking at the Assembly, TS Tirumurti, India’s Permanent Representative to the UN, also highlighted that the IGN (Intergovernmental Negotiations) has become like a platform for debate in the university rather than a serious result-oriented process in the UN consisting of sovereign member states.

“Today’s Security Council is an impaired organ. It has been unable to act with credibility essentially due to its unrepresentative nature. But then, what is happening inside the IGN process, which we seem to be wedded to?” he said.

He further said, “Inside the IGN, nothing has moved for more than a decade except hearing passionate statements on the need for reform. In fact, it has not progressed since it is not only informal but it has no rules of procedure and has no records. For a decade it has remained that way. We are forced to keep our own notes placing a tremendous burden on all small and medium states. The same countries who shed crocodile tears for small and medium states are the same ones denying them even the basic courtesy, which is to help them keep official record of discussions. What happens here has no record and we start again the next year as if nothing has happened. And of course, we don’t even have a single negotiating text. IGN has become like a platform for debate in a University rather than a serious resulted-oriented process in the United Nations consisting of sovereign member states.”

“And why have we come to this pass? That’s because just a handful of countries don’t want us to proceed. They have stopped the IGN from progressing. They are using the IGN as a smoke-screen to stop themselves from being identified by paying lip-service to Security Council reform. The conditions they are laying out are impossible to fulfill – which is full consensus of all member states. Ironically, this is happening at a time when we were in a tearing hurry last week to give ourselves e-voting rights. But for IGN, they want no voting, leave alone e-voting, but only full consensus!” he said.

Mr Tirumurti said that there is no mention of the words ”instill new life in the discussions” on the reform of the UN Security Council in the letter of the PGA (President of the General Assembly) which gives the mandate given to the co-facilitators. “I hope we have not started distancing ourselves from the UN@75 declaration even before the ink is dry,” he said.

For the necessary progress by the end of the 75th session, he said, “Firstly, we want the application of the General Assembly Rules of Procedures to the IGN to bring about an open, inclusive and transparent process; secondly, we call for text-based negotiations to start — a text reflecting all positions and proposals from member states will be necessary to make progress; and let us reaffirm our firm support for the Common African Position, as specified in the Ezulwini Consensus and Sirte Declaration.”

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