PM Modi and his Mauritius counterpart virtually launched key development projects in Mauritius.

Updated, Feb. 29. 2024. 2.03 PM.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister of Mauritius, Pravind Kumar Jugnauth today jointly inaugurated the developmental projects at the Agaleaga Island in Mauritius. Both the leaders inaugurated the projects through video conferencing which include the new Airstrip and Saint James Jetty along with six community development projects. These facilities will enhance air and sea connectivity strengthening maritime security. It will also give a boost to the socio-economic development of Agalega Island. 

Speaking on this occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi termed the India-Mauritius relationship vibrant and unique. He said, Mauritius is an important partner in India’s neighbourhood policy.  He said, India got the opportunity to develop several infrastructural projects including the development of a metro line, a community development project, social housing, an ENT hospital, a Civil Service College, and a sports complex.

He said, developmental projects in Agaleaga Island will strengthen the ease of living and improve the connectivity. The Prime Minister said, India and Mauritius have shared priorities as members of the Global South. He said, India and Mauritius are working to ensure stability and security in the Indian Ocean Region.  

Speaking on this occasion, Mauritius Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth termed the unveiling of the developmental projects historic. He said, the setting of new airstrips and jetty is the fulfillment of Mauritius’s dream. He said, this could not be possible without the assistance of India. He lauded the role of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for giving assistance to Mauritius and giving a new dimension to the bilateral ties.