Italy, Greece ease COVID-19 restrictions ahead of Europe’s peak tourism season

Italy and Greece eased some COVID-19 restrictions ahead of Europe’s peak tourism season.  Greece’s Civil Aviation Authority announced yesterday that it would lift COVID-19 restrictions for domestic and international flights. The only remaining COVID-19 measure for passengers and staff will be to wear a face mask at airport arrivals and waiting areas as well as on flights. Passengers had previously been required to prove vaccination or show a negative test result.

Meanwhile, Italy will no longer require its health pass to access much of public life including restaurants, cinemas and other venues, and visitors to Italy will also no longer need to have a passenger locator form. Italy also eased some of its indoor mask requirements although face masks will still be required on public transportation and in cinemas.

Italy, which was the epicenter of Europe’s outbreak in February 2020, imposed one of the harshest lockdowns and maintained tough restrictions during coronavirus waves.

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