India, Libya Discuss Various Aspects To Strengthen Their Bilateral Relations.

May 28, 2024 5:21 PM.

India and Libya discussed various aspects to strengthen their bilateral relations on Tuesday. Minister of State for External Affairs V. Muraleedharan met with Libyan Deputy Minister for Political Affairs H.E. Mohamed Khalil Issa in New Delhi. Mr. Muraleedharan informed in a social media post that during the meeting both the side also identified the next steps to further strengthen cooperation between the two nations.

Though separated by geography, India and Libya have enjoyed strong bilateral ties. India opened its Diplomatic Mission in Tripoli in 1969. The high-water mark of Indo-Libya relations was the visit of Late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi to Libya in 1984. India has regularly supported Libya in international fora and welcomed the UNSCR 1506 adopted on 12 September, 2003, lifting sanctions imposed on Libya.

Following 2011 Libyan Revolution, India recognized the National Transition Council (NTC) on 16th November 2011 and regularly engaged with it and affirmed support to it at various fora. India provided humanitarian assistance of US$ 1 million through the United Nation’s Office of Commissioner of Humanitarian Aid. This was followed by another humanitarian assistance in the form of life saving drugs and medical equipment worth US$ 1 million delivered to NTC in January 2012. A Libyan delegation visited India in December, 2011 to explore the possibility of treatment of injured Libyans in India. GoI also sent a team of prosthetic experts to Libya for fitting ‘Jaipur Foot’.

In view of the fragile political and security situation prevailing in Libya in 2014, about 3800 Indian nationals were repatriated, which included 6 Indians kidnapped by ISIS. The Mission, which was temporarily relocated in D’Jerba (Tunisia), was later moved to Malta. The Mission in Tripoli resumed its operations in 2012, but was closed down in April, 2019 due to worsening security situation. A skeletal staff of a consular clerk and a gardener is being maintained at the Embassy Residence in Tripoli. In September 2020, 7 Indian workers were kidnapped on their way from Benghazi to Tripoli.

In February, 2022, 27 Indian workers were evacuated by the Mission from Benghazi in Eastern Libya with the help of International Organisation for Migration. E/I, Tunis looks after affairs of Libya.
Ambassador of India to Tunisia and Libya, presented credentials to the President of the Presidential Council on 20 December, 2021. Ambassador also met with DG (Asia & Australasia) in Ministry of Foreign Affairs.