Hong Kong disqualifies four pro-democracy lawmakers

Hong Kong on Wednesday disqualified four pro-democracy lawmakers of their seats, immediately after China allowed the city’s executive to expel legislators, deemed a threat to national security.

The disqualification came after China’s top legislature decided earlier during the day, to allow for immediate disqualification of Hong Kong legislators who endanger national security, seek the city’s independence or seek foreign interference, as reported by China’s official News Agency. The decision also applies to those running for the Hong Kong legislature or serving as its members in the future, in case of the occurrence of the above-mentioned circumstances.

Following the decision of Standing Committee of 13th National People’s Congress, China’s top legislature, the Hong Kong government announced the disqualification of four assembly members who had previously been barred from running for re-election as authorities deemed their pledge of allegiance to Hong Kong was not sincere.

As per media reports, Hong Kong’s pro-democracy opposition lawmakers today reiterated that they will resign in protest against the dismissal of four of their colleagues from the 70-seat legislature which is having 19 pro-democracy lawmakers. Chinese Foreign Ministry today said that the disqualification was necessary move to safeguard the rule of law and constitutional order in Hong Kong. This month, eight other opposition politicians were arrested in connection with a legislative meeting in May that descended into chaos.

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