France says it expects to receive ‘verifiable proof’ medicines reached hostages in Gaza.

Netanyahu says IDF has destroyed 75% of Hamas battalions in Gaza. Visiting Jerusalem, French FM calls for ceasefire. IDF hits Hezbollah targets in south Lebanon strikes.

Weeks after medicine was delivered to the Gaza Strip for hostages held by Hamas, the countries involved in the complex operation still do not know whether the drugs reached the captives.

“We know that the medications effectively entered into Gaza,” a member of French Foreign Minister Stéphane Séjourné’s entourage tells The Times of Israel. “The modalities of their transfer to the hostages were dealt under Qatar’s mediation. We now expect to receive verifiable proof that the medications have reached their beneficiaries.”

“The responsibility lies on Hamas and is a matter of regular exchanges with Qatari authorities,” the official continues.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office declines to comment.