Facebook must abide by nation’s rules and regulations: Bangladesh

The Government of Bangladesh has asked Facebook to abide by the rules and regulations of the country in matters relating to both revenue and content.

In a virtual meeting with Facebook officials at its regional Headquarters in Singapore on Monday, Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar said that it was the responsibility of Facebook to comply with all the relevant laws and regulations of Bangladesh including the Digital Security Act 2018.

The Minister asked the company to appoint resellers and representatives to pay taxes to the government for its operations in Bangladesh.

Mustafa Jabbar reminded Facebook that it has the responsibility not to allow content that is against the socio-cultural values of Bangladesh or promotes communal disharmony, pornography, rumour or terrorist activities in the country.

Facebook officials assured the government that they will comply with the relevant rules and regulations of the country. It informed that it has appointed a Bangladeshi person Sabnaj Rashid Dia as Bangladesh Affairs Officer of Facebook in the country for speedy resolution of issues.

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