Democrat Joe Biden beat Donald Trump to become 46th US President; Kamala Harris to be first woman Vice President

Democrat Joe Biden beat Republican Donald Trump to become the 46th President of the United States. In a very closely fought presidential election which witnessed many cliffhanger episodes, Biden clinched the race by securing 279 electoral votes. The winning moment was decided when the Democrats made a stamping lead in the state of Pennsylvania sealing their victory in one of the most crucial swing states.

With the declaration of Joe Biden as the President-Elect based on the projections of the electoral votes, Democratic Party candidate Kamala Harris has also secured her position as the first woman to be the Vice President of the USA. Ms. Harris, is also credited to be the first woman of Indian-American and African-American origin to be a member of the United States Senate.

In his message just after being declared as the President-Elect, Mr. Biden said that he is honoured with the support which the people of America has posed to him to lead the country. He assured citizens that he will keep the faith that has been entrusted in him and said that he will be the President for all Americans, irrespective of whom they have voted for.

Mr.Biden said that people have given the mandate to the Democratic Party to take action on COVID, Economy, Climate change and systemic racism.

The electoral college representatives elected by the popular votes will cast their votes to officially elect the new president on the 14th of next month. The new president will thereafter assume office on the 20th of January next year after the inauguration ceremony.

Amidst the ongoing electoral process, Republican Candidate Donald Trump has challenged the lengthy process of counting mail ballots across many key states. Raising serious allegations, the Trump campaign team has also filed legal suits against the process in the States of Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona among others.

US President elect Joe Biden has thanked his supporters for voting for him. In his address, Biden said he does not see red states and blue states, but only the United States.

Vice-president elect Kamala Harris thanked supporters and said, Americans chose hope, decency, science and truth.

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