Amid political crisis Italian PM says he is ready to resign

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi on Thursday (July 14) said that he will resign from the post. Amid political crisis, Draghi told his cabinet: “I want to announce that this evening I will hand in my resignation to the president.” 

But the Italian President Sergio Mattarella has refused to consider the resignation. Mattarella “did not accept the resignation, and invited the prime minister to appear before parliament to make a statement,” the presidential palace said. 

Local media reports claimed that Draghi would address parliament next week. He has to  to see if he has the necessary majority to remain in the power.  

The crisis is caused by the refusal of the Five Star Movement to participate in a government confidence vote. The populist coalition partner withdrew its support. 

While announcing his resignation, he said the conditions necessary to carry on with the coalition government were “no longer there” and the “pact of trust that the government is based on has gone”. 

“I will hand my resignation to the president of the republic this evening,” he said, adding that the trust that had led the government running, had gone. 

Giuseppe Conte, the leader of the Five Star Movement party, didn’t support the government’s £19.5 billion package of economic aid for families and businesses. The party argued that enough is not done by Draghi to tackle the cost of living crisis. 

Experts have warned that the crisis could send the eurozone’s third largest economy to snap elections.