Netanyahu. We’re reaching deeper than Hamas ever imagined; no truce before hostages freed. Herzog tells US VP no Gaza truce without hostage release; Harris pushes on aid to Strip.

Rockets target central Israel.

Gallant: Gaza is mankind’s ‘biggest terror base’ ever.

IDF; Troops found rocket launchers in school.

Many vigils mark month since Oct. 7 onslaught.

As Israel marks a month since the October 7 massacres, President Isaac Herzog speaks with US Vice President Kamala Harris.

Like Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and others did earlier in the evening, Herzog underscores that there will be no ceasefire without the release of the hostages held by Hamas.

Harris stresses the importance of dealing with the humanitarian situation in Gaza, according to the President’s Office, and Herzog responds that Israel is committed to international humanitarian law, while it is defending itself against an enemy that hides among the civilian population. He adds that Israel is committed to allowing humanitarian aid into Gaza, while Hamas is preventing the Red Cross from visiting the hostages.

They also speak about the worrying rise in antisemitism and the death of a pro-Israel protestor in the US during a rally supporting the Palestinians.