Netanyahu, Gallant say all Hamas members, even outside Gaza, are ‘dead men’.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in a televised speech in which he called for a ‘political solution’ to the ongoing conflict with Israel, November 1, 2023. (Screenshot, Hamas Telegram channel).

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant say in answer to questions at a press conference that all members of Hamas, including those outside of the Gaza Strip, are “dead men walking.”

Gallant adds that there is “no difference between a terrorist with a Kalashnikov and a terrorist in a three-piece suit,” in what appears to be a reference to Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh, who is believed to be based in Qatar.

Netanyahu says in response to a question that he meets often with reservists, after it is put to him that he does not.

Asked why he allowed fuel into Gaza after promising he wouldn’t, he says there is no way to run the war without doing so and ensuring other humanitarian needs. “If epidemics break out, we’ll lose control of everything.”