Nearly Six Hundred Myanmar Soldiers Enter India, Mizoram CM Urges Centre’s Intervention.

Hundreds of army men are said to have crossed the Indian border and infiltrated the north-eastern province of Mizoram in recent days due to the intensifying conflict between the rebel groups in Myanmar and the junta-regime. The Mizoram administration informed the Centre about the invasion and asked that the Myanmar soldiers be sent back to their neighbour as soon as possible.

In light of the current, fierce fighting in their own nation, at least 600 troops from the Myanmar Army reportedly fled into Mizoram and sought safety in the state’s Lawngtlai region. Currently, the soldiers are being housed in a camp belonging to the Assam Rifles.

The latest setback for the military administration occurred when the Arakan Army, an ethnic armed organisation in the western Myanmar state of Rakhine, declared control over a town bordering Bangladesh and India.

During the Northeastern Council meeting in Shillong, the newly elected chief minister of Mizoram, Lalduhoma, met with Union Home Minister Amit Shah and briefed him on the issue, attempting to draw attention from the Centre to the increasing number of soldiers from Myanmar.

The Mizoram Chief Minister underlined the importance of the Myanmar Army soldiers’ prompt return from the state during their meeting with the Home Minister, which cited its sources.

“People are seeking refuge in our nation from Myanmar, and we are providing humanitarian aid to them.” Burmese soldiers are travelling to the state in search of safety. Following the plenary session, Chief Minister Lalduhoma spoke with the reporters and stated that about 450 army men had been sent back.

The soldiers from Myanmar are allegedly being sent back by the government a few days after they cross the borders.

The military administration of Myanmar has been put to the test in recent months due to a concerted onslaught against it by three ethnic minority factions known as the Three Brotherhood Alliance. Operation 1027, the attack, got underway in late October of last year.