Iran has launched dozens of drones at Israel; IDF says it aims to intercept them in hours.

IDF spokesman says defenses are strong but not hermetic. Israel restricts gatherings, cancels educational activities. Dozens of planes patrolling skies. Biden scraps weekend break.

UPDATED NOW, 3.10 AM. IST. Iran launches over 100 drones at Israel in first-ever direct attack; IDF braces to intercept

Iraq says it is closing its airspace as Iran launches attack on Israel.

IDF says it struck Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon in response to drone attack earlier today.

Israel has reportedly begun intercepting Iranian drones over Jordan and Syria.

Iran-linked media says Tehran has launched third wave of drones at Israel.

European Jewish communities raise readiness level following Iran’s attack on Israel.

Jordan’s air defense ready to shoot down any Iranian aircraft that violate its airspace — sources.

Footage shows Iranian Shahed 136 drone flying over Iraq en route to Israel.