IDF; Terrorists fire RPGs from Gaza hospital entrance at troops, who kill 21 gunmen.

A screenshot of video released November 13, 2023 by the IDF appearing to show terrorists armed with RPGs in Gaza City’s Al-Quds hospital.

The Israel Defense Forces says troops killed members of a terror cell that opened fire at Israeli forces from Al-Quds Hospital in Gaza City.

According to the IDF, the cell had opened fire at troops of the 188th Armored Brigade with light arms and RPGs, while being “embedded within a group of civilians at the entrance of the hospital.”

The IDF says troops, with air support, returned fire at the Hamas operatives, killing 21 of them. No troops were hurt but one tank was damaged by an RPG, the IDF says.

Amid the exchange of fire, the IDF says civilians were seen leaving the hospital, and other operatives came out of adjacent buildings and hid among them to attack the Israeli forces.

After firing RPGs at troops, the IDF says the operatives fled back into the hospital.

“This incident is another example of Hamas’s continued abuse of civilian structures, including hospitals, to carry out attacks,” the IDF adds in a statement.

The military releases footage of the battle that appears to show RPG-wielding terrorists running into the hospital.