IDF strikes Lebanon after gunmen target UAV, launch rockets at Mt. Hermon.

Israeli army artillery howitzers are stationed in southern Israel on November 1, 2023.

The Israel Defense Forces says it carried out air and artillery strikes in Lebanon after a missile was fired at one of its aircraft and rockets were launched toward Israel.

The army says a surface-to-air missile was launched at an unmanned aerial vehicle earlier in the night. The UAV was not hit. In response the military struck the cell behind the launch, as well as the launch site, it says.

In addition, ground forces fired artillery shells toward the source of rocket fire after projectiles were launched at the Mount Dov and Mount Hermon region.

The military does not identify the alleged attackers in either case. Israel has faced a steady drip of Hezbollah-led attacks along its northern border since the start of its war with Hamas on October 7.