IDF says it opened humanitarian corridor for Palestinians to evacuate northern Gaza.

The head of COGAT’s Coordination and Liaison Administration to Gaza, Col. Moshe Tetro, issues a video statement from Gaza’s Salah a-Din road, November 5, 2023. (Israel Defense Forces).

The Israel Defense Forces says it facilitated the opening of a humanitarian corridor on the Gaza Strip’s main north-south Salah a-Din road, to allow Palestinian civilians in northern Gaza to evacuate to its south.

The IDF publishes drone footage showing Gazan civilians moving south on the road.

In an Arabic-language video statement, the commander of COGAT’s Coordination and Liaison Administration to Gaza asks Palestinian civilians to continue to evacuate northern Gaza for their safety.

“Today, we opened Salah a-Din road as a humanitarian corridor for civilians of the northern Gaza Strip,” says Col. Moshe Tetro from the road, near Gaza City’s Zeitoun neighborhood.

“I ask again that all civilians of the northern Gaza Strip move to south of the Wadi Gaza (Gaza River),” he says.

“The northern Gaza Strip and Gaza City are a war zone, a very dangerous area,” Tetro continues.

“The criminal Hamas terror organization is using you as human shields,” he adds.