IDF says it captured key Hamas posts in Gaza City, killing 150 terrorists.

Troops of the IDF’s 401st Brigade are seen operating in the Gaza Strip, in a handout photo published November 10, 2023. (Israel Defense Forces).

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The Israel Defense Forces says troops have captured key Hamas outposts in Gaza City today, killing some 150 terror operatives in the process.

The military says that in recent days, its 401st Brigade led an assault on the so-called Bader outpost — the main outpost of Hamas’s Al-Shati Refugee Camp Battalion — located adjacent to civilian homes near the refugee camp.

It says that during the raid on the Bader post, troops destroyed military headquarters and rocket launching sites.

Separately, the IDF says the 401st Brigade captured another Hamas post in the area, and destroyed a weapons manufacturing plant, rocket launching positions and tunnels.

In another raid, the IDF says the brigade battled Hamas gunmen at the Blue Beach Resort on Gaza City’s coast. It says some 30 terror operatives were holed up at the hotel, firing anti-tank missiles at the forces.

“After it was captured, it was revealed that the terrorists used the hotel rooms as a shelter and for planning attacks above and below ground,” the IDF says.

The IDF says that in all, some 150 Hamas operatives were killed by forces during the battles in the Al-Shati area.

The military does not immediately provide new information on possible casualties among Israeli troops.