IDF looking into reports of dozens killed in strike while waiting for aid in Gaza City.

File photo taken February 25, 2024 of Palestinians waiting for humanitarian aid on a beachfront in Gaza City.

29th. Feb. 2024. This morning, Hamas health officials claimed more than 70 Palestinians waiting for humanitarian aid in Gaza City were killed by Israeli forces.

The IDF says that as humanitarian aid was being delivered to the northern Gaza Strip, a “violent gathering” erupted surrounding the trucks, during which Palestinians looted the equipment.

“During the incident, dozens of Gazans were injured as a result of pushing and trampling,” the IDF says, adding that the incident is under review.

A military source says that following the incident, some of the crowd began to move toward Israeli forces in the area — who were tasked with coordinating the entry of the aid trucks to northern Gaza — in a way that “endangered” the troops.

The source says troops opened fire at the crowd, and that the second incident is also being investigated.