Hostage families mark 200 days of loved ones’ captivity at Tel Aviv’s Hostages Square.

Relatives of the hostages held captive in Gaza sit at the entrance to Tel Aviv’s Kirya military base marking 200 days since October 7 on April 23, 2024. (Charlie Summers.)

Family members of the hostages held captive by Hamas in Gaza are currently staging a performance marking 200 days of captivity for their loved ones, outside the Kirya military headquarters in Tel Aviv.

Splattered with red paint resembling blood, some with rope binding their hands, the relatives are banging rhythmically against the ground and the metal gates to the Kirya complex. They are screaming “help!” and “bring them home,” as an audience gathers to watch the display.

The family members began their performance after a Q&A session, held in the adjacent Hostages Square, ended. After the speakers wrapped up, the relatives walked solemnly across the stage in a single-file line and sat at the entrance to the military base.

The hostage families and protesters are now chanting to 200, marking the number of days that the remaining hostages have been in Hamas captivity.