Foreign Secretary briefs ambassadors of various countries on Pakistani terrorists’ plot to carry out attack in J&K

Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla briefed a select group of Heads of Missions on the planned terrorist attack in Nagrota district in Jammu and the implications of the incident on security, diplomacy and the battle against terrorism.

Terrorist attack was foiled on 19th of this month by the security forces.

Sources said this is the first of several briefings to be conducted by Ministry of External Affairs in small groups in view of Covid-19 situation.

Other Secretaries will also be briefing Heads of Missions in their areas of jurisdiction.

Sources said, the idea is to share information as widely as possible with the international community.

The Heads of Missions were provided with a detailed information docket giving the details of the incident as it transpired as well as list of items and munitions that were recovered from terrorists clearly indicating their Pakistani origins.

It was shared with them how preliminary investigations by the police and intelligence authorities, markings on the recovered AK47 rifles and other items lead us to believe that the terrorists belonged to Pakistan based Jaish-e- Mohammad.

It was also pointed out how the incident of 19th November is part of Pakistan’s ongoing terror campaign in Jammu and Kashmir and that in the year 2020 itself we have seen 200 incidents of terrorist violence and neutralization of 199 terrorists.

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