Five Dead as Indian Army Tank Sinks While Crossing River.

Representative image only. Indian Army’s T-72 tank, similar to the one that sank in Ladakh. Photo, Ministry of Defence/Wikipedia.

An Indian Army tank sank while crossing a river in the remote region of Ladakh, killing all five soldiers on board.

According to an official statement, the armored vehicle got stuck in the Shyok River due to suddenly rising water.

Rescue teams rushed to the location, but the high current caused the rescue mission to fail.

“Indian Army regrets loss of five brave personnel while being operationally deployed in eastern Ladakh,” the Army’s 14 Corps said.

The tank and its crew were participating in military training near the Line of Actual Control that divides India and China.

‘Unfortunate Accident’
The tank involved in the fatal incident was a Russian-origin T-72, according to local media outlets.

It was engaged in fording, a maneuver by amphibious vehicles to cross water obstacles that are usually several meters deep.

It is common for some military vehicles to be fully submerged in the water, but investigations reveal that the sunken T-72 suddenly drifted and lost its track while crossing the river.

Last Saturday, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh took to social media to express his sympathy for the fallen soldiers.

He called the incident “unfortunate” and extended his condolences to the bereaved families.

“We will never forget [the] exemplary service of our gallant soldiers to the nation,” he wrote. “The nation stands firm with them during this hour of grief.”