War of words between Kushwaha and Nitish Kumar continues

The war of words between senior party leader and Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Upendra Kushwaha has come out in the public domain now.

Kushwaha has attacked the Bihar CM asserting that he won’t leave without obtaining his rightful share in the party that he has been nurturing.

In a tweet in Hindi, Kushwaha said that if the “younger brother leaves relinquishing his share, then the elder brother will usurp the ‘ancestral property’.”

“Well said, Bhai Saheb. If the younger brothers keep leaving the house like this at the advice of the elder brothers, then all elder brothers will grab the entire property of Baap-Dada (ancestors) by throwing away the younger brothers. How can I go out leaving behind my share…?” the ‘disgruntled’ JDU parliamentary board chairman said in his tweet.

The response from Upendra Kushwaha came after Bihar CM and JD(U) chief Nitish Kumar reportedly asked the former to leave the party if has was not happy.

While speaking to reporters, Nitish Kumar said that Kushwaha is free to go anywhere as per his wishes. “If he wants to join another party or alliance, he is free to do so,” the Bihar CM said. Nitish also brushed aside Kushwaha’s claim that the party was getting weaker and many party leaders with were connected to other parties, including BJP.

Nitish categorically said that JD(U) has not become weak instead it has become stronger.

Upendra Kushwaha is reportedly upset with Bihar CM and has sought details of the deal that the party has made with RJD. Kushwaha said that Rashtriya Janta Dal (RJD) has been officially saying that a deal was made with JD(U) at the time of forming the Mahagathbandhan in Bihar, and added that he wants to know the details of the ‘deal’.

“We all want to know what the deal is about. Those who were part of the deal from the JD(U) must reveal it soon,” he had said.

Kushwaha returned to the JD(U) in 2021, eight years after quitting, merging his Rashtriya Lok Samata Party and besides the respectable party post, was quickly rewarded with a berth in the legislative council.

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