Telangana Government Takes Steps To Ensure Welfare Of Handloom Workers.

July 4, 2024 7:16 AM.

Telangana State Textiles and Agriculture minister T. Nageshwara Rao has assured that the government is taking steps to ensure welfare of handloom workers. The assurance came during his meeting with the union leaders of handloom workers who were seeking resolution of their problems.

Responding to their requests, the Minister assured that all problems of power looms and hand looms will be addressed. He said orders worth 250 crore rupees have been received from different government departments. The purchases will be made as per a plan to ensure full time work for the workers.

The Ministry informed in a release that the union sought purchase of stocks available with the primary handloom cooperative societies. They also sought display of clothes in the showrooms along with supplies to different government offices. Among their other demands were continuation of Netanna Bima (Weaver’s insurance), 25 paise interest scheme, subsidy on yarn and worker-to-owner schemes along with clearance of pending transactions.

They also sought implementation of insurance scheme for handloom workers who are more than 59 years old, waiver of workers’ personal loans, holding of elections to primary handloom cooperative societies, opening of TSCO (Telangana State Handloom Workers Co-operative Society Ltd.) showrooms in Andhra Pradesh and introduction of sarees and other schemes.