Rajasthan political drama shifts out of Jaipur as Gehlot moves MLAs to Jaisalmer

Nearly 100 Rajasthan Congress MLAs from the Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s camp who have been staying at a hotel near Jaipur since Sachin Pilot launched his revolt three weeks ago, were flown to Jaisalmer.

Sources told the media that the MLAs will now stay at a luxury resort in the border city of Jaisalmer till August 14, when the Rajasthan assembly session begins.

Gehlot meanwhile is reportedly prepping to face a trust vote in the session, which was called after Governor Kalraj Mishra rejected multiple proposals. Neither Ashok Gehlot nor the Congress has officially suggested a test of strength, even though it is central to their strategy to tackle the rebels who are threatening the government’s survival.