Hemant Soren Govt Wins Vote Of Confidence In Jharkhand Assembly.

July 8, 2024 1:19 PM.

The Hemant Soren government today won the vote of confidence in the Jharkhand Assembly. Forty-five Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) )-led alliance legislators voted in favour of the confidence motion.

Earlier, Chief Minister Hemant Soren moved a confidence motion in the state assembly, where a debate was held. During the division of votes, the opposition created a ruckus and shouted slogans against the Soren government. The house adjourned sine die after the trust vote.

The 48-year-old Soren was sworn in as Chief Minister of the state on July 4th, within a week of being granted bail in a money laundering case tied to an alleged land scam.

The oath ceremony of ministers is likely to be held this afternoon. New faces are likely to be included in the cabinet. 

During the debate, Hemant Soren lashed out at Opposition BJP alleging them of misusing the central agencies. Mr. Soren was recently granted bail by the Jharkhand High Court in the alleged land scam case.

As soon as Mr. Soren started speaking the BJP MLA shouted slogans against him and accused him of murdering the constitution. The BJP MLAs interrupted Mr. Soren during his speech by coming out in the well.

“I must say that in the next assembly election, even half of the BJP MLA shouting today will not reach the assembly. They use central agencies and hatches conspiracy against those who oppose them. They are one who used money power and operation lotus for the horse trading,“ said Mr. Soren.

The former CM Champai Soren also spoke during the debate and said, “Both parties got a chance to run the government, but the expected change did not happen in the state. The tribal population has decreased.

We all have reached here by doing something or the other. In democracy, one has to go with the decision of the alliance. We all should move forward together with a positive thought. The sentiments of the public should be respected.”

He also said that whatever he could do within the five months, he did and whatever was the decision of the party, he followed.