Elephant health camp organised by Kaziranga national park

An elephant health camp has been organised by the Kaziranga national park authority for the routine health care of the departmental elephants of the park.

At present KNP have 63 (Sixty three) numbers of camp elephants in various ranges of both Eastern Assam wildlife division and Western Assam wildlife division as well as in Laokhowa Burhachapori wildlife sanctuary.

Where Kohora range have 28numbers, Agoratoli range have 11 numbers, Bagori range have 15 numbers, Burapahar range have 04 numbers, Panpur range have 02 numbers and Laokhowa Burhachapori have got 03 numbers of captive pachyderms.

Among which three elephants of Kohora range became mother in this current year.

A thorough health check up of the all departmental elephants were carried out by microscopic examination of the faecal samples for probable parasitic load.

Blood samples were collected from selected elephants for routine blood profile and general health check-up.

Anthelmintics, liver supportive medicines, Vitamins & mineral supplements and other supportive were distributed among the elephants.

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