Election Commission makes seizures of over one thousand and 760 crore rupees since announcement of assembly elections in five states.

Updated, Nov. 20, 2023. 8.19 PM.

Election Commission has said that seizures over one thousand and 760 crore rupee have been reported in the five poll-going states since the announcement of the elections. This is more than seven times the seizures of around 215 crore rupees made in previous Assembly Elections in the States of  Mizoram, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Telangana in 2018.

So far the highest of nearly 659 crore rupees of seizures was made in Telangana, followed by 650 crore rupees in Telangana and 323 crore rupees in Madhya Pradesh.

The seizure figures from the ongoing elections demonstrate the Commission’s unwavering commitment to ensuring free, fair and inducement-free elections by implementing robust measures to monitor inducements and curb electoral malpractices for a level playing field.

This time the Commission has also embedded technology into the monitoring process through the Election Seizure Management System aimed at quick sharing of information by intercepting enforcement agencies to other relevant agencies for multiple deterrence.