India’s Solar Mission Aditya L1 successfully escaped sphere of Earth’s influence. ISRO.

Last Updated: Sept. 30, 2023. 9.05 PM.

.India’s Solar Mission Aditya L1 successfully escaped the sphere of Earth’s influence today by travelling beyond a distance of 9.2 kilometres from Earth and is now navigating its path towards the Lagrange point L1 that is 1.5 million kms from Earth. In its post on microblogging site X, ISRO has informed that the spacecraft is now on a trajectory that will take the spacecraft to the Sun-Earth L1 point. After 110 days, the spacecraft will be injected into an orbit around L1 through a maneuver from the Ground station.

Aditya L1 is the first Indian Space based Observatory to study the Sun from a halo orbit. Launched on September 2, the spacecraft will study photosphere, chromospheres and corona of the Sun. It has seven payloads developed indigenously, five by ISRO and two by academic institutes in India.