Weikfield unveils first-ever brand campaign for Indian consumers

Weikfield Foods Private Limited, popular for its Custard Powder & Pasta, recently unveiled its first-ever brand campaign, in a bid to revitalize and strengthen its brand equity. After a successful operation for over six decades, the company announced a refreshed brand identity a few months ago. In keeping with its ambitious plans of aggressive growth, the company is now unveiling this new brand campaign that encourages its consumers to celebrate the little moments of life and tries to establish Weikfield as a partner to enliven these moments.

The campaign which has been conceived and executed by Grey Worldwide includes 2 copies – one for Custard and another for Pasta. The new commercials focus on spontaneous little moments of joy that people experience in their life. These moments are then made more cheerful and memorable with Weikfield products that have delighted millions of consumers for years. Heart-warming, real and relatable, the TVCs try to strike an emotional chord with the consumers.

“We have been adding joy to our consumers’ lives in India and abroad since 1956”, said Mr. D S Sachdeva, Chief Executive Officer at Weikfield. “However, many of our products are typically used in special occasions or during seasons like summer months e.g. Custard. And we want to increase the frequency of consumption. So, what better way than associating the brand with everyday celebration. It is also a message of positivity in these times of stress – in line with what we have been doing for years in our consumers’ life. This campaign is a message to consumers that when they chance upon celebratory little moments of life, they should celebrate the same and live them to the fullest.”

Talking about the thought behind the campaign; Ayan Banik, Vice President, Planning, GREY & Autumn GREY; said “While we normally focus on celebrating the bigger milestones in our lives, the everyday, impromptu celebrations tend to get missed out. Here is an endeavour from Weikfield to bring to the fore the joys of celebrating those everyday micro-moments of togetherness that make our lives so enriching and fulfilling.”

Vivek Bhambhani, Group Creative Director, GREY & Autumn GREY said, “With our daily routines, we are stressed out, worked up, and pretty exhausted. One way out is to cherish the little moments of life that we experience with our friends and family. In doing so, we not only bring alive those moments but learn to relish similar moments that come our way. A thought that we’ve tried capturing with the sweet moments in these films.”

While the TVCs showcase two of its most popular products Weikfield Custard and Weikfield Pasta, the iconic brand has built a large portfolio consisting of Custard, cornflour, baking powder & cocoa including recent entries like falooda, sauces & cake mixes that are immensely popular with very strong customer equity.