J&K; 11 Lakh Voters Registered Who Can Now Vote During Assembly Elections.

March 14, 2024 1:50 PM.

In Jammu and Kashmir, since the revocation of Article 370, a whooping increase of 11 lakh voters has been registered who can now vote during the assembly elections in the erstwhile state. Akashvani Jammu Correspondent reports that in 2019, the total number of voters was 76 lakh, with 39.45 lakh men and 36.38 lakh women.

By January 1, 2024, in the voter revision campaign initiated in 2023, the number of voters surged to more than 86 lakh, indicating an increase of around 11 lakh voters since 2019. A significant number of people are stepping forward to participate in the electoral process.

Post the removal of Article 370, for the first time, individuals from various communities such as West Pakistani Refugees, Valmiki, and Gorkha communities have attained citizenship and there has been heightened enthusiasm among the populace regarding elections in J&K. The surge in voter numbers can be attributed to the newfound enthusiasm resulting from various communities acquiring citizenship rights post the abrogation of Article 370.

Previously, a considerable portion of the population, including West Pakistani refugees, Valmiki, and Gorkha communities were disenfranchised in state-related elections such as assembly, panchayat, and municipal body polls. Earlier, separate lists were maintained for Assembly and Lok Sabha elections. Despite having voting rights in Lok Sabha elections, a section of the population refrained from participating due to the lack of voting rights in the Legislative Assembly.