Congress Questions PM Modi’s Allegations On Industrialists.

May 9, 2024 7:55 PM.

Opposition political party in the Lok Sabha, Congress today continued its attack on Prime Minister and senior BJP leader Narendra Modi over his allegation that the party has a deal with two top industrialists.

Briefing media in New Delhi, party spokesperson, Supriya Shrinate said it was Congress leader Rahul Gandhi who consistently questioned the two business groups, unlike BJP leader who she alleged was in a quid pro quo relationship with them. She accused the BJP of getting desperate after sensing defeat in the Lok Sabha polls.

The Congress spokesperson also highlighted the party’s promises for the Lok Sabha polls including jobs for the youth. Yesterday, addressing a rally in Hyderabad, Mr. Modi had questioned the Opposition party if it was having a deal with two industrialists as its leader Rahul Gandhi has stopped criticising them.