Centre’s new guidelines bar coaching centres from enrolling students below 16 years of age.

Ministry of Education has issued ‘Regulation of Coaching Centers 2024’ Guidelines, saying that no coaching center shall enroll students below 16 years of age.

The Guidelines stressed that student enrolment should be done only after secondary school examination. Coaching Centres have been directed not to make

misleading promises or guarantee of rank or good marks to parents and students. Education Ministry said, these guidelines prioritize mental well-being, fair practices, and inclusivity. The guidelines stress the need for State and UT governments to regulate these centers and refer to legal actions, such as the PIL in the Supreme Court and letters sent to states and UTs.

Fair and reasonable fee, a proper grievance redressal system and infrastructure requirements are some of the rules coaching centres must follow. The Guidelines also proposes a model framework for coaching centers and outlines the procedures for registration, renewal, and cancellation of coaching center certificates, along with an appeal process.

Coaching centres can not engage tutors who do not have qualifications less than the graduation level.

The Guidelines stated that the number of unregulated private coaching centers in the country continues to grow in the absence of any laid down policy or regulation. There are instances of such centers charging exorbitant fees from students, causing undue stress on students resulting in students committing suicides.