Indian composer Ganesh B Kumar’s ‘Spirit of Humanity’ album launched

Chennai-based music composer Ganesh B. Kumar’s new album, ‘Spirit of Humanity’ to uplift and elevate the spirit of mankind was launched worldwide today. The album includes the first ever symphonic poem by an Indian composer and a poem from Puranaanooru as a special feature. The album was launched today by Navona Records, a classical label imprint of audio production house PARMA Recordings, U.S.A.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman sent her wishes in support of the album which comprises a symphony, Rise and a symphonic poem, The Journey. In an official letter, Sitharaman said, “India has, through history, been a place for anyone seeking peace, whether it is for the dignity of everyday living, or be it in journeys of a spiritual nature. Our motherland has always opened our land to those seeking shelter and refuge from persecution of various kinds – be it from far away as Europe, or from our immediate neighbourhood.”

“I am very happy to learn that your album, Spirit of Humanity, brings forth the story of the Maharaja of Nawanagar who kept India’s cultural ethos in mind when welcoming those from Poland. It is also lovely to know that your ode to him also includes excerpts from Purananooru, the ancient Tamil poem, one that I had the honour of quoting in parliament during my first budgetary speech.”

“When I learnt a little more about your album, I was delighted to know that Ganesh has composed this in the form of a symphonic poem, the first such by an Indian,” she added.