Author Karan Puri launches new book titled #MeToo

Besides satiating the innate human needs like food, water, air and sleep, people across different sections of society run behind earning respect. How you are perceived by others in society matters a lot. It takes a great deal of time and efforts to create a strong and positive public image and hence, people do not leave any stone unturned to ensure their public image does not get ruined. The Book does not offer anything related to strengthening social image of a person but on the contrary it is a compilation of the stories of people who suffered assault on their self-esteem at one point or other in their lives only to bounce back with an undefeatable momentum.

Today it was the occasion of unveiling a powerful book, called #MeToo that brings some never-shared before shy thoughts and dark secrets of some celebrities and other renowned personalities as well as common people coming from different walks of life. Lockdown due to the Corona virus Pandemic gave the author time to complete on his latest book and release it all over the world through Amazon self publishing. Karan Puri’s #MeToo has become talk of the town even before its recently formal release on June, 2020.

In our life there is an equal importance of day and light. Akin to them are success and failure, they seek at par emphasis. Showcasing only positives cannot be the complete story and this book is indeed so close to reality of our society.

Author of the book, Karan Puri pronounced that it was never easy to pen down the reality on papers on such a controversial and hot topic. He said ‘I was always intrigued by the relationships between men and women. Society plays a major role in shaping up the mindset. It is this mindset which I wanted to change with my book. Cruelty and inhuman behaviour should be ridiculed and that is what made me share some personal stories of some sexual abuse survivors.”

It is not to be skipped that after #MeToo transpired in US and shook the world. It was Tanushree Dutta who took Bollywood industry by storm as she opened up about getting sexually harassed by some big names of tinsel town and also, confronted them through the platform of social media. Soon many of other familiar names joined her tagging their #MeToo experiences. Nobody can ever forget the kind ofchain reaction this movement started. However, there was confusion prevailing amidst people about honest contributions to the movement.

While some #MeToo stories sounded genuine many others were considered to be faking their stories just to gain sympathy. It was then Karan Puri made up his mind to dig deep into the sludge of harassment, trauma, self-denial and a lot more.

Remembering the days of research for the year’s most awaited book the best-selling writer said, “Wanted to put my pen to its best use this time, had the responsibility of sharing the real MeToo stories.”

When asked about the idea of writing this book, Puri mentioned it to be his fair attempt to put forward the stories that are not only real but life changing as well. Getting teary-eyed he added that he was moved to the core while doing in-depth research on this ultra-sensitive topic but also realized that some of them have come a long way and evolved leaving behind their dark past.

This book encompasses the life stories of not only celebs and public figures but also some extra-ordinary commoners. The only thing they shared amongst themselves was the courage with which they have fought with their not-so-good experience in their field of work only to shine like a bright star.

Throwing torch on some of these real-life fighters’ life author said that these brave souls have come a long way from their depressing past but there is still something inside which surfaces every now and then. It is always better to be vocal about the checkered past for a sound future and life, and Puri was glad that they chose to share what happened with them and how they dealt with their respective situations.