Role-Defined Career Tracks Pay Rich Dividends at JAGSoM

Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSoM) has announced the successful completion of the Industry Internship Program placement for its Class of ’24 across all seven career tracks. These ‘Role-Defined Career Tracks‘ – Sales & Service, Martech, Fintech, Capital Market, Banking, HRM and Business Analytics – have been instrumental in preparing the participants for aspired roles. The ‘Role Defined Career Tracks’ contrast with functional specializations offered in most business schools.

Successful completion of the Industry Internship Program for the Class of ’24 at JAGSoM

The median stipend recorded for the batch is INR 71550 while the average stipend for the batch stood at INR 89350. The highest stipend of INR 250,000 is an increase of 12 percent over the last year.

JAGSoM follows a step-by-step process to prepare the participants for the target roles:

Step 1: Self Discovery: Outbound Leadership Lab (OLL) and Psychometric Assessments to enable a participant to discover her/his strengths.

Step 2: Preparation of Individual Development Plan: This helps the participants to decide on their targeted roles and related Career Track based on strengths.

Step 3: Mentoring: Mentorship by industry practitioners, who guide participants in preparing for targeted roles.

Step 4: Learning by Solving: Participants work in groups to solve an industry-supported real-life business problem mentored by a faculty member.

Step 5: Long Industry Internship (IIP): 16-week-long internships as a capstone intervention, in a role aligned to one’s career aspirations.

The IIP of the Class of 2022-24 demonstrates the success of this approach, as participants across tracks received offers in their desired roles in companies of repute, as illustrated below.

Career Track

Select Roles

Prominent Recruiters

Sales & Service

Growth Hacker

Sales Management

Customer Experience

Wow Momo, Bluestone Jewellery, Aditya Birla Fashion, Acrannolife, Harman, Care Insurance


Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

Brand Marketing

Digital Business & CX Projects

Porter, Blooprint, MedianAnt, Sattva Consulting, Akshaykalpa,

Harman International


Capital Market

Financial Analyst

Equity Research

Alternate Assets

Research Analyst

Delta Partners, Aditya Birla Capital, Alphanext, Infomerics Ratings, Barjeel Geojit, Liquide


Specialist – credit support

Credit Rating

Infomerics Ratings, AU Small Finance Bank, KRG


Product Management

Financial Analysis

Caelum, Alpha Services

Business Analytics

Market Research

Quantitaive Research

Business Analyst

Tata iQ, Kantar, DaveAI, Porter, Neostats


HR Analyst

Culture Deck

Team Manager and Coach

Swiggy, Tally, Toyota, Nobroker, Bosch

Uthkarsh Ravindra Pai of 2022-24, the student Chair of the Placement Committee, stated, “The OLL facilitated self-discovery process, accentuated by corporate mentorship by experienced industry professionals has helped us become more well directed. Career Track term was the icing on the cake where there was a tremendous focus on problem-solving in functional domains.

One of the notable features of this year’s process was participants opting for roles offered by startups as given in the table below.

Career Track

New Age Startup (Founding Year)

Sales & Service

Bluestone Jewellery (2011), Acrannolife (2014), Wow Momo (2008)


Porter (2014), Blooprint (2021), Bolt.Earth(2020)

Capital Market

PlusCash (2022), Collabgenics (2019)


AU Small Finance Bank (2017)


Caelum (2016), KRG Strategy (2014)

Business Analytics

Tata IQ (2015), DaveAI(2016), Neostats (2022)


Swiggy (2014), BitGo (2013)

To check IIP Placements Annexure, click here.

This is also a validation of JAGSoM’s relentless focus on grooming the participants for new-age roles in new-age companies, leveraging the Bangalore startup ecosystem.

Prof Supriyo Ghosh, Area and Track Chair, Business Analytics stated, “The internships this year were significant because a large proportion of students (about 50% of the batch) were in technology-related career tracks like Analytics, Martech and Fintech – whereas the technology market is very muted this year, and traditional large-cap IT companies are not hiring at all. (In fact, some of them clearly said theyre not taking interns this year.) However, we were able to place all the students, in time, and niche companies like Tata iQ, Dave AI, Kantar Analytics, Neostats and others (few in large caps like EY or Bosch.).

Prof Rajesh Kumar, Chair of Internships and Placements at JAGSoM, expressed satisfaction that the Class of 2024 at JAGSoM is actively feeding into the talent supply chain of new-age companies such as Wow Momo, Swiggy, Tata iQ, Zepto, Liquide, Neostats, Porter, Karkhana, Mirrar, etc, to name a few. “A highlight of this year is participants preferring new age companies and startups over larger corporates. We even have a Shark Tank-funded healthcare startup – Acrannolife,” says Prof Kumar.

About JAGSoM

JAGSoM is today amongst the 12 leading Indian B-schools which are AACSB accredited and which feature in the QS World University Global Rankings 2024. JAGSoM is ranked in the QS Business Masters Global Rankings 2024 in the 101+ Band for PGDM Marketing, 101+ Band for PGDM Business Analytics, and 151+ Band for PGDM Finance.

JAGSoM is ranked Number 2 amongst B-Schools in Bangalore. It has emerged as a Top Business School in terms of Future Orientation and Learning Experience. JAGSoM is Ranked All-India Number 10 for Future Orientation and Ranked All-India Number 14 for Learning Experience by the Business Today – MDRA Business School Rankings 2023.

JAGSoM is Ranked Number 13 amongst the Private Business Schools of India by the Business Today – MDRA Business School Rankings 2023.

JAGSoM’s unique intervention of ‘Role defined Career Tracks’ across 8 Tracks – MarTech, Sales & Service, FinTech, Banking, Capital Markets, Business Analytics, HRM, and Entrepreneurship has resulted in the success of its graduates as reflected in superior career outcomes.

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